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Posts by Micah Ray

Six Key Components of EOS®

At the heart of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) are the Six Key Components®.  These help you focus on creating a plan, managing and improving within the most basic components of your business. These are universally recognized as the components most important in your business. When you get these working at 80% effectiveness, you’ll find…

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NC Idea Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Summit 2019 – Day 1

I heard about the NC Idea Summit a few weeks ago in a business meetup with Daryl Shaw of Royalty Marketing. (Thanks, Daryl!) It is a statewide meeting of organizations who are working hard to promote entrepreneurship in North Carolina. By design, it is an ecosystem to support, nurture and grow businesses across the state.…

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Business Process Improvement – Getting Started

    After you have read and understand the overview of what Business Process Improvement is, you can start to think about how it can positively impact your organization.  Even though business process improvement and continuous improvement have many tools and processes you could use, the list below is a simple way to get you…

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What is EOS®?

The creator of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) wrote a book with the title that matches what you’re probably thinking: “What the Heck is EOS®?”  Basically, it is an operating system for your entire business. It gives a business owner a way to stay focused on the major components of their business. Additionally, it helps…

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Business Process Improvement Overview

The term “business process improvement” can be very overwhelming if you think about all that it can apply to in your business. It is a very broad term but one that can have a critical impact in many areas.  “Process” in this context essentially means, “how you get work done.”  In all types and sizes…

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Visual Ideas

To get the most out of a brainstorming session, you need a good way to capture and record the ideas when they get to flowing. Just to have people talk about their idea is not enough. They are too quickly forgotten or misunderstood. That’s why you have to practice making your ideas visual. The best…

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