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Six Key Components of EOS®

At the heart of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) are the Six Key Components®.  These help you focus on creating a plan, managing and improving within the most basic components of your business. These are universally recognized as the components most important in your business. When you get these working at 80% effectiveness, you’ll find…

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NC Idea Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Summit 2019 – Day 1

I heard about the NC Idea Summit a few weeks ago in a business meetup with Daryl Shaw of Royalty Marketing. (Thanks, Daryl!) It is a statewide meeting of organizations who are working hard to promote entrepreneurship in North Carolina. By design, it is an ecosystem to support, nurture and grow businesses across the state.…

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What is EOS®?

The creator of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) wrote a book with the title that matches what you’re probably thinking: “What the Heck is EOS®?”  Basically, it is an operating system for your entire business. It gives a business owner a way to stay focused on the major components of their business. Additionally, it helps…

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