Courage to Overcome The Internal Struggle

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The Internal Struggle

No doubt everyone of us can think of something we would like to change about our current reality.

So why is it that days can go by with no visible or lasting changes?

The biggest struggle is the internal one.

If you have participated in one of D4’s people development workshops, you’ll be familiar with the phrase “Know Yourself to Lead Yourself.” We use a visual tool to help participants understand that our reality today has been created as a result of actions we have taken over time.

Understandably, our actions are rooted in our tendencies. Our tendencies lead us to respond certain ways.

Those actions have reactions from others and influence their opinions of us.

Think of it with this simple process diagram:

My Tendencies —> My Actions —> My Consequences —> My Reality

Want to win the internal struggle and change your reality?

Start by recognizing and understanding your tendencies. Learn to choose new actions different from what you’ve chosen before. In doing so, you’ll begin to create a new reality for yourself.

Pro Tip

Keep a Tendency Log. Find a place where you can record your tendencies as you recognize them. Add a column to the list to track your typical actions you take in response to those tendencies. Use this as a way to remind yourself to choose different actions.


Remember, the struggle will be worth it when you decide to overcome negative tendencies and choose to take new, positive actions. Choose to overcome today. Choose to create a new reality when you choose a different reaction to your tendencies.

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