Ready for New Business Growth?

With the right system, you can grow with real innovation.

Your business is running well. What's next for growth?

Time to Think about Innovation:

Creating and delivering a new solution that solves a customer problem.

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Why a growth management system?

Real innovation is difficult. To achieve it, you have to be intentional.

Innovative new business growth requires

  • Culture
  • Methodology
  • Data
  • Systems
  • Strategy

You have management systems for finance, information, manufacturing, sales and marketing.

Do you have one for growth and innovation?

How it works:

A five-part system to help you bring about real growth and innovation.


"Culture eats strategy for breakfast." -Peter Drucker


  • With a passion for innovation
  • To be champions for the initiative
  • Designated on the organization chart
  • Permission to experiment and fail


  • Designated space
  • Visual communication

Training & Education

  • Methodology
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Design Thinking


Rooted in Design Thinking

  • Define the problem.
  • Discover the insights.
  • Design the new solution.
  • Deliver to the customer.


Aligned, integrated and clear

  • A growth and innovation strategy aligned to the organization’s overall strategy
  • A clear plan of steps to become more innovative
  • An incremental plan with short-term goals


Tools to help you sustain the effort

  • Pipeline tracking and reporting
  • A phase gate approach for shepherding ideas
  • KPI’s or Scorecard


Information to help inspire, evaluate and celebrate the efforts

  • Market research
  • Collected insights
  • Inspiration
  • Project tracking
  • Results metrics

How we can help


  • Learn Design Thinking
  • Learn the elements of the Innovation Management System


  • Creativity workshops
  • Innovation process workshops


  • We can lead an innovation project for you
  • We can assist your team with an innovation project
  • We can help you set up your own Innovation Management System

What our clients are saying


Christi Barbour

Founder + Partner

Micah and Mike have made a significant impact on our company and our growth. I am all about self-improvement of any form, including coaching.   

I would say that the training for our Leadership team is akin to an operating system for our leaders and people. The individuals who have received it so far (including me), and those that report to them, have all made remarks about how impactful it has been.  I feel confident that this is something you would find highly beneficial and intriguing if you are thinking about leadership development and health.