Scalable People Development

Training that Helps Your Team Work Better Together

Most teams function at

58% of their potential

Which area of team performance is a struggle for your team?

  • Communication
  • Relationships
  • Alignment
  • Execution
  • Capacity
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How to Maximize Your Team's Potential


Communication Training

  • Eliminate poor communication as a team
  • Understand your Voice and its superpowers
  • Avoid using your Voice "weapon"
  • Create better collaboration, and resolve conflict and drama
  • Become a high-performing team
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Professional Skills

  • Great for people who want to grow their professional skills
  • Online training course with 51 sessions
  • 90-min monthly group coaching call option
  • Learn with like-minded people
  • Become a trusted and productive team member
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New / Emerging Leader Training

  • Great for new/emerging leaders
  • Great for leaders who have never had leader training
  • Gain a leadership mindset and communicate more clearly
  • Become a confident, respected leader
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Senior Leader Training

  • Great for senior leadership teams
  • Grow in self-awareness
  • Gain tools for multiplication of leaders
  • Create a culture where your people thrive

What Clients Say About our Development Programs


Christi Barbour

Founder + Partner

Micah and Mike have made a significant impact on our company and our growth. I am all about self-improvement of any form, including coaching.   

I would say that the training for our Leadership team is akin to an operating system for our leaders and people. The individuals who have received it so far (including me), and those that report to them, have all made remarks about how impactful it has been.  I feel confident that this is something you would find highly beneficial and intriguing if you are thinking about leadership development and health.


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