100X Leadership

A program so your senior leaders can learn to lead with excellence, and attract and retain the best people.

Improve your leadership health

Build great leaders

Create a great culture

Every month, we hear senior leaders say:

"We need to retain our best people."

"We need to do a better job of team development."

"I need to rise above the day-to-day."

"I want to create a healthy culture for our company."

With 100X, you'll have the tools you need to achieve your goals.

"I used the Support Challenge matrix the same afternoon to have a tough conversation with a team member. It was extremely helpful!"

- Philip A.

Philip Allen of LKD

Many clients start using them the SAME DAY they learn them!

How 100X Can Help

Recognize your unhealthy behaviors and how to become healthy

Develop an intentional mindset

Learn not just how to delegation but how to multiply yourself

Assess your team's productivity with the performance flywheel

Create the environment for a healthy, productive culture

What You Will Get

100X logo on black
A sample of some of the Leadership tools we teach

For the 100X System, here's what you'll get:

  • Six workshops (2-3 hrs each) for up to 10 leaders
  • Easy-to-use visual toolkit of 30+ tools
  • Discussion activities for your team
  • A workbook for your notes
  • A personal development plan at the end of each lesson
  • Delivered in-person or virtually
  • Spread over 12 months to allow application time

Want to really take your learning to the next level?

Add on the coaching option. Executive or group coaching between workshops really supercharges the learning.

It's Time to Make Your Business a Great Place to Work.

Contact us today to get your customized quote and next steps.