Online Leadership Workshops

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Every week, we hear the same things from leaders:

"I need new skills to be a better leader."

"I don't have time to manage my team like I should."

"I need a program to train my managers."

"My confidence as a leader is slipping."


We guarantee you'll be able to use our tools the same day you learn them!

Learn to communicate more effectively

Examine and improve your leadership health

Apply proven tools to help you manage people

What We Cover in the Workshops

Introduction to 100X

What Being a 100X Leader MeansĀ 

Becoming a Leader Worth Following

Why Healthy Leaders are Important

Intro to the Toolkit for the Climb

How to Be a Liberating Leader

How to Recognize and Correct Tendencies

5 Areas of Influence in Life

What To Expect


For the 100X workshop series, here's what you'll get:

  • An online course with almost 2 hours of training
  • Information on how you can log in to the course & setup your account
  • A workbook for your notes that you can download
  • A series of short videos taught by Micah and Mike
  • Exercises at the end of each video lesson for applied learning
  • 3-5 new visual tools every workshop
  • Practical real-life examples and stories

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