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with Altitude Training

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Every week, we hear the same things:

"I need new skills to be a better team member."

"No one has trained me in soft skills."

"I want to get along with my team better."

"I am struggling with my boss or a team member."


We guarantee you'll be able to use our tools the same day you learn them!

Learn to communicate more effectively

Examine and improve your work health

Apply proven tools to help you collaborate with people

Choose the Program That's Right for You

Option 1: Self-Guided

  • Watch the training videos for each lesson.
  • Complete the exercises on your own pace.
  • A total of 50 lessons in Altitude
  • Free access to the Peace Index and 40+ courses
  • Free 5 Voices Pro assessment
  • Only $10/month for as long as you want access

Option 2: Training + Membership in a Coaching Group

  • Watch the video and complete the exercises
  • You get a total of 50 lessons
  • Free access to the Peace Index and 40+ other courses
  • 5 Voices Pro assessment
  • Monthly Zoom call with a group of leaders like you
  • Coaching call facilitated by one of our GiANT-certified coaches
  • $79/month + $10/month for the Pro platform

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