Increase Team Performance

Invincible allows your organization to create invincible teams with a proven process.

Understand your people.

Become more aware of each other's tendencies.

Track your team's health.

We consistently measure 5 key metrics.

In-depth Training

Everyone has access to over 100 training sessions.

After working with thousands of teams, the average team scores 58 out of 100 on the team invincibility assessment. Imagine the growth if you could increase the score of every team in your organization.

Invincible - Scores - Team

A higher team invincibility score leads to a better culture, higher trust, clearer goals, increased focus, and the ability to reach more of your team’s potential.

Invincible is a technology product that allows any organization to create invincible teams anywhere, any time with a proven process.

  • Discover your voice

    Invincible teams are made of people who understand themselves.

  • Discover your teammates’ voices

    Invincible teams know how the people around them think and operate.

  • Learn the GiANT core visual tools

    Invincible teams use common language to create alignment.

  • Leverage focused on-demand training

    Invincible teams are trained to lead in the digital-age.

  • Assess your team’s invincibility

    Invincible teams understand current reality and where they can improve.

  • Improve your team’s invincibility

    Invincible teams work through canvases that allow them to grow.

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