Six Key Components of EOS®

At the heart of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) are the Six Key Components®.  These help you focus on creating a plan, managing and improving within the most basic components of your business. These are universally recognized as the components most important in your business. When you get these working at 80% effectiveness, you’ll find yourself in a place where running your business actually gets fun again.

So what are the Six Key Components®?


It’s more detailed than just a big goal or idea of what you want from your business. When you implement EOS® in your business, you will answer eight key questions that will help you form an actionable vision for your company. This vision is not a 94-page binder full of consulting fluff. This is a 2-page document with lists of everything you need to focus on for the next few years to get your business going in the right direction.


No business can survive without a good plan and system in place for recruiting, hiring and preparing the people to help move your business forward. EOS® will help you come up with the right accountability chart. Additionally, you will learn tools to analyze your people, and to make sure they are the right people in the right seats on the bus (as Jim Collins in Good to Great describes it).


You need to collect good data and measure yourself according to a few key measures to make sure your business is healthy. You will sleep better at night knowing you are making decisions according to real data from your business and not according to hunches. Good metrics and measurables – just a few of them – will dramatically increase your focus and help your team understand what is truly important.


Every business encounters issues and problems throughout the week. What you do with those issues is what determines whether you get traction in your business or not. You need a way to solve issues once and for all. 
EOS® gives you tools with discipline for your meetings. Consequently, you create a rhythm of discussing and solving issues as a leadership team. You’ll also learn how to create a 90-day world for yourself and your company. You identify and prioritize a few major projects every 90 days to work on. Doing so will force you to focus on the biggest issues first to create rapid improvement in your business.


To get the work done correctly and on time, you need to have good processes in place. Once again, we’re not talking about big, thick manuals full of excruciating detail that no one ever reads. What you need is a list of your core processes in the six major areas of your business.  You need just enough detail to walk someone through the main steps. They need to be documented and followed by everyone in your organization.


When you start making solid improvements in each of the five areas above, and when everyone in your leadership team is aligned and pulling in the same direction, you will begin to get traction. You will see your business start to move in a positive direction. You will see your team get healthier, and they will collaborate better together. In the end, you will find yourself elevating above the day-to-day to begin taking control of your business once again.
When you focus on improving each of the Six Key Components®, you will be well on your way to business health. You will find that you and your leadership team can actually enjoy running your business again.
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Micah Ray

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