What is EOS®?

The creator of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) wrote a book with the title that matches what you’re probably thinking: “What the Heck is EOS®?” 
Basically, it is an operating system for your entire business. It gives a business owner a way to stay focused on the major components of their business. Additionally, it helps them develop practices that help them build disciplined activity for their team. 

Basics of an Operating System

If you think about a computer operating system, it is the fundamental, core code on which everything else runs. It manages the file system, and it tells applications to run. It ensures that the hardware and software are communicating with each other. Likewise, a business operating system does the same thing. It runs in the background – making sure important information gets captured and used. When it does, the operations of the company are functioning and the business units are communicating well.

The Six Key Components®

The first thing you will learn in EOS® is to focus on getting Six Key Components® of your business to operating at 80% effectiveness. As you get better at managing these six components, it will lift your entire business to operating more effectively.
The first component to focus on is your Vision for the business. You and your leadership team must articulate answers to eight key questions in order to map out what your future will be.
Not surprisingly, the second component to address is People. We all know that having the right people in place and working well together makes all the difference.
From there, you will focus on the Data you need to see on a weekly basis to make good decisions. You will need to document the basic Processes you and your team need to follow. In doing so, you ensure the business runs like it should, customers get taken care of, the bills get paid and your people know what their jobs are. 
In every business, Issues will arise and how you address them will determine your future. Refuse to adequately solve them and they will come back. However, solve the right the first time, and you can move on to bigger and better things. When you begin creating this sort of world for yourself and your company, then you will get Traction in your business.

Benefits in the First 30 Days

To help you do so, you will learn how to use a few key tools in each component early in your implementation process. One of the things we love the most about EOS® is how you implement it in a series of full-day meetings.  Over this series, the  leadership team walks away with decisions having been made, plans drawn up and assignments made. Often, the team is able to make major decisions that they have struggled with for months. It’s so rewarding to see teams make breakthroughs and feel the excitement in the room. You can feel the team almost getting a little momentum toward a new future by making decisions together and pushing through issues that have been holding them back for too long.
That’s what we want for everyone we work with in the Triad and in North Carolina – to help make the decisions, to discover the insights and to design better solutions so they can elevate to a new level in their business. And if you don’t have an operating system for your company, EOS® can be that system that enables you to take control and get what you want out of your business.
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Micah Ray

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