Get the Skills You Need to
Manage People Effectively

Altitude by D4 is a group coaching program that will give you

the tools you need to be confident and productive.

Reduce Your Stress

Eliminate Frustration

Be a Confident Leader

Managers without management tools struggle to be effective.

Taking on the role of “manager” means you can direct people and make a difference. But without the right soft skills, it’s easy to feel like you’re holding yourself and your team back.

When you first start out as a manager it’s normal to experience things like:

Second guessing yourself

Starting to doubt if you have what it takes

Comparing yourself to other leaders

Dreading negative feedback from others

Avoiding the tough conversations

Struggling to manage your time

But with the right help, you can enjoy your current role more now...

AND prepare yourself for a better career for years to come.

Take your Leadership Abilities to New Heights
with the Altitude Training Program

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Eliminate Stress

Coaching your team and dealing with their problems can stress you out. Our easy-to-use tools will help lower your stress immediately.

Handle Authority Well

When you are confident and have tools to use, people will respect you and follow you. They will love working for you — and with you.

Make a Difference

You accepted your management role to help people and the organization. Maximize your impact by having the right mindset and skills.

What You Get with the Altitude Training Program

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When you sign up for Altitude, you’ll get immediate access to your online training, along with access to your virtual coaching cohort on Slack.

You’ll have a new online community to support you and help you gain the skills and confidence you’re looking for. 

Your Altitude program membership includes:

  • The Altitude Training online course - a session each week for a year ($249 value)

  • Access to the rest of the GiANT online training platform - no extra charge

  • Weekly videos and exercises you complete on your own — all designed to help you learn new skills and grow your confidence over time

  • A 90-minute group coaching with a certified Guide with decades of real-world management experience

  • Access to a Cohort Slack channel - your online community where you can learn from others just like you and grow your network

  • 4 personal assessments designed to identify areas where you can grow and improve

  • Over 30 more leadership and personal development courses — all included in your Altitude membership at no additional cost

You Get All of This for Only $89/month

If You're Struggling to Deal with the Stress of Management, We Can Help

Hi, we’re Micah and Mike.

We understand what you’re going through. Because we coach clients all the time who are in your position.

But we’re not just trainers.

We have experienced what it’s like to be a manager.

We have been in management roles in small companies and large companies. We’ve been managers in non-profit organizations.

So we know the people problems that you’re dealing with.

Micah and Mike
Micah and Mike

And we know there is a better way.

What you will learn in Altitude is a set of easy-to-use tools that you can begin using the same day you learn them!

Imagine… You could learn a tool this morning and be using it this afternoon to manage your team! It happens all the time with people in our coaching programs.

When you have access to these tools and our coaching, you will gain confidence and become a respected leader in your organization.

Look at the Impact Altitude Training Has for People

Shawn Garrett

"D4's guidance at the right time in my life helped me tremendously with my confidence, self-growth and approach to those I interact with."

Shawn G.

Garrett PLC

Alicia Brown square

"The material and the coaching has been so helpful and easy to use. I think I'm going to sign up the rest of my team!"

Alicia B.

The Oaks Community


"Our leaders found working with D4 Concepts to be of great benefit for helping with interpersonal relationships between team members."

Ben M.

High Point Market Authority

How Altitude Works

1. Sign Up.

Purchase your access to the platform.

2. Learn on Your Own.

Log into the platform, and start your first lesson.

3. Learn with Your Group.

Grow with your cohort and in monthly coaching sessions.

Got Questions?

How Much Time Will Altitude Take Each Week?

Good question. Each Altitude session takes about 30-40 minutes. There are a couple of short videos, an exercise to complete, and a quiz at the end of each session. That’s it!

How Long is the Altitude Training Program?

The program is designed to last for 50 weeks. Why? Because we have found that new skills and habits take a while to develop. By learning and working each week for one year, your mindset will change, and you’ll develop a new confidence in using the tools.

Can I Get my Employer to Pay for Altitude?

Many companies have the budgets to pay for training like this. Ask your manager or your company if they will pay for you. And Altitude Training is approved for CEU and HRCI credits, so your HR department can know that the content has been reviewed and approved.

What If I Can’t Afford $89 per month?

While $89 per month is a bargain for all that you are getting, we understand that can be a stretch these days. So we have an option to purchase access to the GiANT online platform for only $10 per month. You won’t be able to join a coaching group or get expert help from a certified coach, but you could still learn Altitude on your own. And you still get access to all 51 Altitude sessions plus all the assessments and 30+ courses – all for just $10 per month.

Will Altitude Work for Me?

Yes! It will! We have seen so many others go through the program and get the help they need to succeed as a manager. Look what Hope, a recent graduate and new manager, said,

“This program is incredible! The tools stick in your brain. They aren’t weird to share with a coworker. They don’t feel like you’re forcing some leadership jargon on them.”

Do I Get a Certificate at the End?

When you complete all of the courses online for Altitude, you can download and print a certificate of completion. You can post it to your LinkedIn profile as well.

Do You Have a Guarantee?

Absolutely. If you go through 2 months of Altitude Training, and you don’t get any value from it, then email us, and we’ll refund your money.

No Cost To you
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See Altitude For Yourself

The Altitude Training course is easy to use and powerful.

It is packed with great content like informative short videos and exercises that get you learning and using new tools right away. 

Are You Ready to Make a Difference?

When you sign up for Altitude Training, you’re going to get the help you need and deserve.

You’re only weeks away from becoming a respected leader that people want to follow.


Still Got Questions?

Contact us today to ask your questions about Altitude Training and Coaching.