How to Become a Confident & Successful Manager

Altitude Training

Are you about to become a new Manager, but don't feel prepared?

You're not alone!

A study last year found that almost 50% of all managers have never received training to handle people issues. (FastCompany, Feb 2022)

But You've Dreamed of a Better Career & Life

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Being promoted to manager opens up doors of opportunity:

  • Higher Pay -- or a Steady Salary with Benefits
  • More Career Opportunities
  • Ability to direct others in their work and make positive changes
  • Financial Security and Freedom

To make the most of your opportunity and succeed as a Manager, you need training.

And the most important training you could get is soft skills training - how to deal with people.

Soft Skills Training from Real Life Experts

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To help you learn the interpersonal skills you need, we take you through a course called Altitude on our online platform called GiANT.

It has been developed by experienced people like Jeremie Kubicek -- who worked with great leaders like John Maxwell.

The platform developers are master trainers. (And they're friends of ours who we know personally, and they practice what they preach.)

Each Altitude session includes short videos, visual tools, and activities. Each session only takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Valuable Lessons in Soft Skills in Altitude Training

  • How to Lead Yourself (so important)

  • How to Evaluate your Peace Index

  • Your natural Leadership Voice

  • The Two Most Important Dimensions of Leadership

  • How to Communicate within a Team

  • Key Elements for a Development Plan

  • How to Establish Healthy Rhythms in Life

  • The Two Most Important Dimensions of Leadership

See Altitude & the GiANT Training Platform in Action

Here's what others are saying about Altitude Training:

But You Get So Much More than just Altitude!

When you sign up, look what you get:

  • Altitude Training
    • 50 sessions in management and leadership
    • Short, impactful videos
    • 100X exercises for you to practice and apply
    • Quizzes to test your retention
  • Assessments
    • 5 Voices
    • Peace Index
    • Team Performance
  • More than 20 additional courses:
    • Visual Toolkit - 60+ tools that are easy to remember
    • Peace Index Course
    • The 100X Leader
    • Managing Stress
    • 5 Gears Masterclass
    • and a dozen more!

Great Education is Valuable

Great training like Altitude can significantly increase your personal wealth.

If you were able to earn an extra $10,000 per year, that would be significant.

Then compound that over the next 10-30 years of your life.

And if the right training and knowledge put you on the path to CEO or to running your own business, that figure will be a lot higher over your lifetime!

When you earn this kind of money, you can

  • live where you want to live
  • take the kind of vacation you've always promised yourself
  • have money to give away to help others who need it

An Affordable Investment

I realize that extra money is hard to come by - especially if you have student loans you're still paying for, or if you have a family to support.

But we want to make an impact on the next generation of leaders.


So we are offering Altitude Training and the GiANT training platform for the ridiculously low price of only $10 a month!

Or How about No Cost to You?

You could probably forward this page to your manager, and ask them to pay for you or to reimburse you.

Altitude Training is an easy and inexpensive way for your boss to provide you the valuable training you need.

After all, it helps your boss when you become a better manager!

No Cost To you

To go through all 50 lessons will take a few weeks or months.

If you want to save more money over the course of a year, you can purchase 12 months of access for the price of 10 months - only $100.

That's 2 extra months' worth of time to use the platform -- for free.

And if you're going to ask your manager to pay for it, $100 will seem like a bargain for an entire year's worth of management training!

Remember, when you sign up for a GiANT subscription, you get:

  • Altitude Training ($249 by itself)
  • The 5 Voices Assessment and Pro Report ($49 value)
  • The Peace Index
  • The Peace course ($50 value)
  • DEI Training course ($100 value)
  • Leading in a Hybrid Work Environment ($39 value)
  • The 100X Leader ($179 value)
  • 5 Gears Masterclass ($100 value)
  • 5 Voices training ($100 value)

All of those amount to $866.00 worth of training content -- plus there are more courses that I didn't even list here!

And each quarter, GiANT adds more and more content to help you become a great leader - for no extra charge.

Our Guarantee

If for any reason, after you purchase access to our training platform you don't think got any value for your small investment, email us within 30 days, and we'll refund your money.

We want to remove all the risk for you so that you can make a decision quickly, and get started right away.

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Don't Procrastinate Any Longer

Every day that goes by is just one more day you are further away from your dreams.

Start learning right away, and change your future.

Learn our easy-to-use tools, and become a great manager and leader . Become the leader that people want to follow.

Get started today!

Thanks for taking the time today to learn about Altitude Training and our learning platform.

I look forward to meeting you one day - maybe in one of our Coaching Groups!

Be a leader worth following!


Micah Ray

Want to Really Speed Up Your Professional Plan?

After you purchase access to the training platform, look for an email from us about joining an Altitude Coaching Group.

We conduct Coaching Groups over Zoom with other managers just like you.

You'll have a chance to meet me and Mike virtually, and to learn from our experiences. You'll have a chance to ask questions about the content and how you can apply it to your situation.

Each month, you'll hop on a 90-minute Zoom call along with Altitude students. You'll learn from us, your certified GiANT Guides, and be able to ask questions of us.

The coaching sessions are stand-alone so you can jump in any time you want. They are very reasonable compared to one-on-one coaching or private coaching groups.

The cost? Only $79 per month. That's less than the cost of 4 fast food meals. And we guarantee it will be better for you! 🙂 

You can sign up today, and be on your first coaching call in the next 30 days!

Still Got Questions?

Contact us today to ask your questions about Altitude Training and Coaching.