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It's easy for managers to get overwhelmed in their role.

Especially if they earned a promotion, but never got the support and soft skills to lead people well.

Now they are frustrated, confused -- and just tired.

Tired of things like...

Second guessing themselves

Starting to doubt if they have what it takes

Comparing themselves to other leaders

Dreading negative feedback from others

Avoiding the tough conversations

Trying to juggle so many changing priorities

If you are a Senior leader, you can empower your manager to be a confident leader who gets results.

If you are a Middle manager, help is available for the mindset and skills you need to be a confident, respected leader.

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Sound Familiar?

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At the end of the day, you want what all good leaders want:

  • To not feel so stressed dealing with people problems every day
  • To know how to have difficult conversations
  • To have the respect of your team
  • To have an impact

But lately, you've started to think nothing is going to change - that maybe you're not cut out to lead people.

To that, we say, "Don't give up!'

We Can Help

We are...

  • GiANT-certified coaches and trainers
  • experts at a proven set of tools
  • experienced managers and leaders (for profit and non-profit)
  • passionate about building relationships with the people we help

Because of our experiences, we are familiar with the problems that you’re dealing with:

  • Leading tough conversations
  • Holding people accountable
  • Conducting personnel reviews
  • Managing through change
  • Dealing with drama
Micah and Mike
Micah and Mike

Trust us - we've seen it all! And trust us when we say that we can help.

With the right tools, you can feel equipped, confident, and respected.

Our clients use the tools the same day they learn them!

A sample of some of the Leadership tools we teach
A sample of some of the Leadership tools we teach


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A Powerful Program for Becoming a Confident Leader

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  • Liberation as a Lifestyle

    Learn how to have the mindset of a liberating leader. Commit to fighting for the highest possible good for those you lead. If you can change your mindset, you will change who you are as a leader.

  • Discovering Your Leadership Voice

    Understand your leadership voice and communication style. Learn the strengths and challenges of those around you and how you can lead them to communicate more productively.

  • Mastering Effective Communication

    Learn how to crack the communication code between yourself and others so that all your conversations,  1-on-1s and meetings are more productive. Be a leader who communicates with confidence.

  • Maximizing Influence

    Understand how trust plays a big factor in relationships, and the four ways you can build it. Learn how to leverage the power of influence in your work and personal relationships.

  • Becoming Present and Productive

    Learn how to be more present and productive when there never seems to be enough time. Understand how to shift into the right gear. Realize what it means to be truly connected with your team and how to prioritize your work and theirs.

  • Personal Alignment

    In the last session, we'll help you clearly identify your personal vision, mission and values. You'll create a plan that will help you reach your goals and design a better future for your life.

Want a Preview of How XCore Can Help You?

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What You Get with the Program

  • Six half-day, in-person workshops (every other month) in a beautiful, Congdon Yards conference room

  • Six 90-minute core group coaching sessions (every other month) with a certified Guide with decades of real-world management experience

  • The GiANT Pro training platform to support your learning with over 35 courses available

  • Receive 15 continuing education (CEU) credits for completing XCore

  • Templates and guides to help you manage and direct your team better

  • Access to our Circle online community - your leadership community where you can keep the conversation going with others in your cohort just like you and grow your network

  • A copy of the book The 100X Leader

  • Leather journal to capture your leadership journey

  • Email support available from your coach while you are enrolled

  • A graduation dinner at the end of your cohort for you and 2 invited guests to celebrate together

All the Training PLUS Coaching & Support for 1 Year
for Only $400/month

Are you a Leadership High Point graduate? Get a 20% discount

Business High Point member? Get a 10% discount

Look at What Others Say

Shawn Garrett

"D4's guidance at the right time in my life helped me tremendously with my confidence, self-growth and approach to those I interact with."

Shawn G.

Garrett PLC

Alicia Brown square

"The material and the coaching has been so helpful and easy to use. I think I'm going to sign up the rest of my team!"

Alicia B.

The Oaks Community


"Our leaders found working with D4 Concepts to be of great benefit for helping with interpersonal relationships between team members."

Ben M.

High Point Market Authority

How XCore Works

1. Apply for Enrollment.

Apply to one of the 24 spots available in this cohort.

2. Complete your Registration.

Once you are accepted, you can pay for your first month, and get registration details.

3. Begin Learning.

Learn the toolkit in the interactive workshops. Ask questions in your coaching sessions. Learn from your peers. Get help from a certified coach to apply the tools.

4. Watch Your Confidence Soar!

Start applying your new skills on the job. See your stress go down, your team excel, and your confidence soar!

Limited Availability

If you don't get help, is your situation going to get better on its own?

Probably not. So don't hesitate another day.

Sign up, and get on the path to becoming a confident, respected leader.

Only 24 21 seats are left...

Will one of them be yours?

Got Questions?

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How Much Time Will XCore Take Each Month?

Good question. In months 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11, you'll spend 3 hours in the workshops. In the alternating months, you'll spend 90 minutes on a virtual coaching call with 8 people from your cohort. And you should spend about 1-2 hours each month reviewing the tools online or journaling. So that's a max of about 4-5 hours in any one month. Time well spent for your professional development!

No Cost To you

How Long is the XCore Training Program?

The program is designed to last for 1 year. Why? Because we have found that new skills and habits take a while to develop. But if your circumstances changes and you can't continue, you can discontinue your participation. You're under no contract by signing up.

Can I Get my Employer to Pay for XCore?

Probably. Most companies budget for training and development like this. Ask your manager or your HR department. And remember, XCore is approved for CEU and HRCI credits. Let your manager and your HR department know that the content has been approved.

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What If I Can’t Afford $400 per month?

While $400 per month is a great deal for all that you are getting, we understand that can be a stretch these days. So we have an option called Altitude that is cheaper, but you do the work online and on your own - no in-person workshops, networking or extras. But if you or your company can't afford XCore, you should check out Altitude.

Will XCore Work for Me?

Yes! It will! We have seen so many others go through the program and get the help they need to succeed as a leader. Look what Bri, a manager who went through our leadership development program, said,

"D4 and GiANT have truly transformed my life. I now have confidence as a leader, free from the constant self-doubt that used to accompany every conversation and decision."

Do I Get a Certificate at the End?

Absolutely! When you complete all of the courses online for XCore, you will receive a certificate of completion, an electronic version that you can post to your LinkedIn profile, and CEU codes for credits. And you get to attend our special XCore graduation celebration with 2 invited guests!

Do You Have a Guarantee?

Absolutely. If you go through 2 months of XCore, and you don’t get any value from it, then contact us, and we’ll refund your money.

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Are You Ready to Be a Leader Who Makes a Difference?

Sign up for XCore, and take the first step to geting the help you need and deserve.

You’re only weeks away from becoming a respected leader that people want to follow.

Still Got Questions?

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